Betterment of the community: at the heart of our mission!

The SSQ Foundation takes concrete actions aimed at giving back to the community.

The key activities of the Foundation

The SSQ Foundation was created in 1996 to provide philanthropic support to people in need and to make a meaningful contribution to the betterment of the community. Both are at the heart of the SSQ Foundation’s activities, which are mainly focused on the following four sectors:

  • Young people

  • School drop-out rates

  • Alcohol and drug dependency

  • Reintegration of young people into the labour market

SSQ Foundation’s mission

The future of our society depends on our youth, and it’s essential that we help young people pursue and complete their studies so they can find good jobs. That’s why the SSQ Foundation has chosen to provide financial support primarily to organizations that help young people stay in school and that work to solve the problems keeping them out of the school system. For the SSQ Foundation, focusing its efforts on young people is a choice with a promising future.

    Our Foundation

    Our Policy

    The SSQ Foundation is fully responsible for establishing and respecting the eligibility criteria, as well as the donation policy, for all requests for financial support it receives.

    Donation requests

    In an effort to help preserve the environment by reducing paper use, SSQ Foundation requires applications to be made online. A confirmation email will be sent. Applications received by mail will not be accepted.

    In 2024, applications may be submitted during the following period:

    • Monday, September 2 to Friday, October 11, 2024 inclusively;

    Please review our Financial Support Award Policy before submitting your request.

    The donation is currently closed.

    The period of submitting a donation request is now over. Applications will be accepted as of March 25, 2024.

    Le Pignon Bleu - A house to grow up in

    Le Pignon Bleu is a community organization that works with low-income families in Saint-Sauveur, Quebec. It offers help with homework, community kitchen services and a work integration program for unemployed adults.

    Over the years, the SSQ Foundation has been able to support Pignon Bleu by giving it access to part of the house that belonged to SSQ’s founder.

    To learn more (in French only)

    Directors and Officers